I was borne in Kyoto, Japan in 1985 and graduated MFA from Sculpture Course in Fine Art (Kishio Suga Seminar) in Kanazawa College of Art in 2011. I am recently based in Los Angeles and Kyoto, and represents my artworks which are photography.

My works employ near infrared radiation cameras to capture the technology which is an assemblage of "artificial things" and "the nature" such as grasses and woods, in order to be responsible to separately visualize them in a picture. 

This shooting technique has an effect for which chlorophylls (pigments in leaves) are depicted into white, therefore there is not only the highlighting the materials' difference of the artificials and the plants but also my intention which is revealing the contrast between the past artificials having a fate which is they are falling into decays and the plants' lives which are living now. And also I use drone to reach difficult areas to access. 

Despite this dystopian world, similar to a sci-fi novel, this afterworld, provides a glimpse to a truth rarely seen. By discovering these artifacts, literally "foreign objects" in the natural world, and usually found in very remote locations, I try to photograph them similar to human faces, appealing to the viewer's humanity." 

Because I consider fieldworks, that are possible to be made happened by artists who can move, have to cut out the subjects, that can’t move from there by themselves, on-site and to have power to inform to many people.